Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Robot hands... sorry.


So here's my blog, established about 4 years ago, and never updated! Huzzah!

Alright, down to business. I illustrate. I go to the Joe Kubert School, the most bad-ass school ever. I will do whatever possible to ensure I work in comics because I love comic books.

I'll probably use this blog to talk about the different projects I'm working on and to talk about the artists I love. I've never really been open online about my goings on, but I was always interested in starting, so we'll see if this takes flight.

So school work....

I love Batman. He's a cool dude.

For humor class!

AND.... my creator-owned character for Joe Kubert's class...


You will see a lot more of this guy, not only for school but a project near and dear to me that I've been cooking up with my good buddy Ramon Villalobos. I love the stuff, and I really hope everyone else digs it to some degree.

Alright, that's just a few things for now. Thanks for stopping by!


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