Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bola #1 Cover Process

Here's a gimmick comic book cover I made for one of my assignments at the Kubert School. I was pretty happy with the end result. The idea for the cover was simple: Have the duo of Bola and Kid Sling prepare to bust into the doors of nightclub Club Chevon to take down the Great He-Goat. And I wanted the doors on the cover to open up, and have He-Goat frantically running out.

First, the sketches:

Here's the inks for both images:

Next I colored them both:

Then I spent a headache inducing amount of time cutting and pasting each thing in photoshop to create the pieces as I had to print them in order to have the doors open, and have the He-Goat underneath. Eventually it all worked out to be like this:

Overall, a fun project!

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